IAPC Offers Virtual Internship Program for Students

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The Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) invites students to an exciting opportunity to work with The IAPC, a National organization, as a part of the Internship Program. The Internship program is being currently offered as a virtual program, as we are mindful of the impositions due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The program provides students with an opportunity to evolve professionally and personally, as they work for a cause from the comfort of their own homes. Students can intern with The IAPC under any of the tracks listed below

  1. Awareness generation and Advocacy (eg. Develop projects to raise awareness about palliative care and its components or towards reducing stigma or the myths associated with palliative care etc.)
  2. Fundraise (eg. Design or develop fundraising strategies, conduct activities to raise funds within your community or social circles etc.)
  3. Research (eg. Conduct online surveys and research projects in the field of palliative care etc.)
  4. Develop resources (eg. Design and create posters/ pamphlets / booklets to create awareness or bust myths associated with palliative care, create short films to promote palliative care etc.)
  5. Assist in social media promotions (eg. Develop strategies to effectively promote news, information or activities of IAPC on various social media platforms etc.)
  6. Support our administrative team (eg. Extend support towards account keeping, in preparation of our monthly newsletter, help manage our photo / video library, etc.)

Internship duration:
The internship period could range from a minimum of 15 working days to a time as required and necessary for project completion.

Students interested in palliative care, and are currently pursuing a course from a recognised University in India or abroad.

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