IAPCON 2024: Revisiting the domains of Palliative Care

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The organising committee of the 31st Annual International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPCON) is working full steam and with eagerness to welcome the national and international delegates for IAPCON 2024.

The 2.5 day in-person conference will be held at the Auditorium, Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, between Friday, 9th February, 2024, and Sunday, 11th February, 2024. The Pre-conference workshops are slated for Thursday, 8th February, 2024.

IAPCON 2024 is themed ‘Revisiting the domains of Palliative Care’, as it aims to enhance the delegates’ practise of palliative care by empowering them with the various aspects in Palliative Care for both cancer and non-cancer patients.

We invite you to read the below interview which reflects the thoughts of Dr Geeta Joshi, the Organising Chair of IAPCON 2024.

Dr Geeta Joshi is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Community Oncology Center, Gujarat Cancer Society, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Ms Joshi was also a Former Professor and Head, Department of Palliative Medicine, Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


How are you feeling now, knowing that the conference is just around the corner?

Feeling good! We are comfortable with the number of registration and the speakers’ responses towards the scientific sessions. We are very happy to have received a good number of abstracts for presentation at IAPCON 2024. The Finances, as usual is last minute.


The IAPC (Indian Association of Palliative Care) was born in Gujarat in 1994, and IAPCON is being organised at Ahmedabad after 30 years. How does that make you feel with the participation of several other founding members?

Yes, IAPC was formed in Gujarat in 1994. Also, the second IAPCON was held in our Institute in 1995. We were fortunate to have Dr Ventafridda, Dr Jan Stjernswärd and Ms Gilly Burn join us that time.

This time, the Scientific session begins with a presentation by Dr M T Bhatia and Dr Pamela Sutton, the founders, who initiated Palliative Care by establishing a Hospice under Gujarat Cancer Research Institute & The Gujarat Cancer Society in 1988. So, yes, we will be re-visiting the ‘History of Palliative Care in Gujarat’.


As the Organising Chair of IAPCON 2024, what according to you are the key takeaways that the various delegate groups can expect this year, from the conference and the pre-conference workshops?

IAPCON 2024 is themed ‘Revisiting the Domains of Palliative Care’. The scientific program and pre-conference workshops are therefore designed to address the needs of various delegate groups including those of the NGOs who are working for Palliative Care. At the same time, being a teaching institute, which offers post-graduate program in Palliative Medicine, it is our responsibility to give cater to the needs of our postgraduate students and faculty as well. I am sure that the efforts from my team will cater to the needs of all!!!

The conference this year will also include sessions on Neuro Palliative Care, Substance Abuse, Pharmacology in Palliative Care, and Financial Aspects of Palliative Care etc.


What other activities await the conference delegates?

A Quiz for postgraduate students, a Creative Poster Competition and An awareness program for the public are some of the exciting activities that have been lined up. There are a number of awards that are waiting to be grabbed. We are planning to organise a traditional Garba during the cultural night. Delegates will also enjoy the tour of the Heritage city of Ahmedabad and other popular places of Gujarat.


How do you think IAPCON 2024 will change the landscape of PC education and delivery in India?

Palliative Care is slowly moving towards Palliative Medicine in India. Currently, 16 Institutions spread across India are involved in postgraduate teaching in Palliative Medicine, thanks to the efforts of Dr Sushma Bhatnagar and many other leaders who have worked for many years to achieve this.

When a conference is organised by a teaching institute, it has an impact on the education and training of the specialists. However, it is important to also not overlook the important role of a Multi-disciplinary team in palliative care. At IAPCON 2024, we have tried to achieve all in one, which aptly reflects the theme of the IAPCON 2024 ‘Revisiting the domains of Palliative Care’!





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