International students conference: ‘Youth in Palliative Care’ to be held in India

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The conference will take place on 17 January 2015 at JDT Auditorium, Calicut, and will focus on issues relevant to the involvement of youth in palliative care activities.

Palliative care is being accepted worldwide as one of the most engaging avenues for all factions of society. In the social model of palliative care, providing comfort and care for those with terminal and chronic conditions is everybody’s business.

The most dynamic, active and innovative faction of society is undoubtedly the student body. With their enthusiasm and ‘all-for-one, one-for-all’ team spirit, students have shown selfless support for palliative care.

IPM – one of the five WHO Collaborating Centres for palliative care – has recognized the zeal of students and their interest in the cause.

IPM has aided the growth of SIPC, an excellent example for successful youth involvement in palliative care activities.

SIPC is an active student group spanning more than 20 colleges in and around Calicut city, with 1000 participants and 100 active volunteers. SIPC works with the goals of generating awareness, locating need-based communities and mobilizing resources for palliative care activities.

The group also supports rehabilitation activities for patients organized by IPM, and actively participates in home based care. This year, all activities of SIPC – under the campaign name ‘Because I Care’ – have garnered much local media attention for their fresh and original essence.

Students from across the globe already volunteering for the global cause of palliative care, or those interested to begin contributing and making a difference, are cordially invited to attend the event.

The organisers would also like to invite individuals, organisations or institutions who wish to increase youth participation in their palliative care activities on whatever scale.

Registration fee will be Rs. 100 ($2) for students from low to middle income countries and $50 for students from high income countries. Anybody other than a student will have a registration fee of Rs. 500 ($8) if from low to middle income countries and $100 if from high income countries.

There will be oral presentations, poster presentations, panel sessions and discussion sessions on the theme of ‘Youth in Palliative Care’ and a photo exhibition and short films based on the theme, ‘compassion’.

Interested parties are also invited to submit photographs, short films (maximum 8 minutes) and abstracts for papers & posters.

The organisers said: “We would like to invite students all over the globe to the International Conference on the theme of ‘Youth in Palliative Care’. Progress and innovation are products of association. We hope this Conference yields wonderful results for all participants!”

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