‘Palliative care is a boon for me’ – A poem by Dr A Latha

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The Indian Association of Palliative Care celebrated this year’s World Poetry Day by publishing ‘A symphony of Words: A collection of poems‘ penned by our very own friends from the palliative care community.
From this week onwards, we will share a poem, each week, for our friends to enjoy!
The first of the series below..

‘Palliative care is a boon for me’, by Dr A Latha, Jodhpur

Everyone was happy about my drawing
Everyone was happy about my dancing
I was the happiest girl in my childhood

Everyone blessed me that I will have a bright future
Everyone appreciated my growth in my profession
I was the happiest lady in my adulthood

Everyone said that the abnormal growth in my breast is the cancer
Everyone suggested I may go here and there for treatment
I was broken; why is this punishment for me!!!
Am I not going to see my daughter’s marriage?

Everyone suggested me to tonsure my long scalp hair
Everyone scared me that I would lose my hair like leaves falling off a tree
Is that because of drugs given for uncontrolled growth in my breast?
Everyone was telling me cancer pain is unmanageable
I was intolerable to the words and actions of others

Everyone moved away from me because of bad odour
Everyone showing faces because of the oozing from the ulcer
Everyone was busy with their business
I was the one bearing the excruciating pain from lymphedema

No one suggested going to palliative care
But God showed me to them
Oh my God!!

Everyone on the palliative care team were incredible
Everyone’s approach was remarkable
I slept that night after many years
Yes, because of the wonder drug morphine!

I am relieved from excruciating pain.
Yes, because of the white angel’s charcoal perfumed dressing
I am relieved from bad odour
Yes, because of impeccable dressing
I am relieved from the oozing wound
I am happy to move around confidently
I am sure I got new energy that would help me to see my daughter’s marriage
Yes, palliative care is a boon for me!!!

About the poet:
Dr Latha Srikanth is a Faculty at the College of Nursing, AIl India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur. She is trained in palliative care and is a nurse trainer in palliative care.
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