The Do’s and Don’ts for Post-discharge COVID patients

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The Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, has recently published a very informative, simple-to-read and understand information book, to highlight useful Do’s and Don’ts for post-discharge COVID patients.

The bilingual book, published in English and Hindi, depicts information pictorially and with minimal text, thereby making the book easy to read and remember.

While there exists a plethora of resources for ways to prevent or manage COVID, this information book provides guidance on, what to do and not do, post-discharge for a COVID patient. Additionally, the book also enlists various precautions for the prevention and control of COVID along with a few lifestyle measures that one can adopt.

The book covers an array of topics beginning from the time a patient steps out of the hospital to providing pointers to prepare the patient’s room and handling the patient’s laundry.

The book is provided below for download –


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