325th day of Russian invasion of Ukraine

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325th day of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Children in Ukraine continue to die at the hands of aggressive adults.

More than 100 days have passed since the last publication. Sometimes the human resource ends and you don’t know where to get strength. War takes a lot of strength and energy every day. War “exposes” a person and he is naked in front of trials, uncertainty and fear. What about parents of children with incurable diseases? What about the children? Do we always feel and consider this when the resource ends and it is necessary to provide support to these people who have two fronts – the war and the fight against the disease? Yesterday another war crime was committed in the Dniprо. The rocket destroyed a big house with peaceful people including children. Who will provide psychological support to the families of the dead children? Who will support the children who have lost their relatives? It is important to provide palliative care in sudden humanitarian crises. These are our challenges. Perhaps these are the challenges we face in the world and in society.

More than 1 million children in Ukraine are displaced persons. About half a thousand children have already died (only according to official data), thousands of children have been injured, thousands of children have lost their parents. Children feel everything that happens around them. Anxiety and the consequences of the experience depend on the strength and duration of the traumatic event that each child saw, the number of lives lost, which of the adults was there at a difficult moment and whether the child received support, how the psychological state of the parents affects the child, which directly affects the child.

How do children and people with cognitive impairments respond to these challenges? Yes, these people are not aware of what is happening, but only during shelling and fires will they feel misfortune and an overwhelming sense of fear. A series of such experiences plunges into chronic anxiety and stress. Such people cannot be prepared for the challenges of war. They are completely defenseless.

Every child experiences these deadly events of war depending on many factors. Children can withdraw into themselves, ignore communicative topics of loss of relatives or friends, protest, irrational manner, etc. Children who have witnessed death need a resourceful person nearby who will help them understand, accept what happened, and tell them how best to cope with their emotions. But adults are also running out of resources.

What inspires us and how do we get resourses? We are watching how children around the world react to war. Children from different countries also experience their own emotions and experiences.

This little 7-year-old boy wrote the following letter:

“Dear Joe Biden,

I think you should help Ukraine stop the war. One of the reasons is that my dad has a friend in Ukraine. Plus the war is useless because a lot of people died. It’s also sad because everyone loses. Please, Joe Biden, accept my concerns about the war. Sincerely, Percy Adams.”

Truth speaks from the mouth of a baby. And you understand that not only the whole civilized world is with you, but also children in different countries are with Ukraine! The boy wrote this letter from the bottom of his heart when he was at school and without the help of adults. And he is only 7 years old and the child is so deeply concerned and understands the plight and suffering of others. All the children of the world are suffering from the deep sorrow of war. All the children of the world want to establish peace! This is what gives resources to support other people! Despite the lack of resources, anxiety, fears in the soul lives the faith in victory, which give us a lot of people in the world!

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