Buildings around the world are Going Gold for childhood cancer in September

Categories: Community Engagement.

Do you own or manage a building with exterior illumination systems or know of someone who does? 

Childhood Cancer International (CCI) are calling upon all buildings, institutions, monument owners and authorities around the globe to programme their exterior illumination systems to gold on Tuesday 1 September or throughout the month of September to highlight childhood cancer. The lighting colour should be set to gold pantone 1245.

The gold ribbon and gold light have been the symbol representing the world’s youngest cancer patients since 1978 and honours their courageous struggle against child and adolescent cancer. Childhood cancer is globally the number one non-communicable disease (NCD) cause of death for 90,000 children in both developed and developing countries. 

Over 100 prominent buildings, iconic landmarks and monument owners in the major cities of North America (USA and Canada), Europe, Oceania (Australia) and Asia, have already committed to Light it Up Gold this September.

Those who do not have an exterior lighting system are encouraged to prominently display a gold ribbon in the front façade of their buildings or offices. Lighting it up Gold will spotlight the need to stop the dying of the world’s children from cancer.

If you have any questions, please contact Neal Rourke, International Tribute Lighting Program, Volunteer Coordinator at:; cc:Ruth Hoffman