BUMBLEance expands their services in Ireland

Categories: Community Engagement.

The BUMBLEance is a first of its kind, free national service operating throughout Ireland that provides transportation for children who need to travel between their home and children’s hospital, hospices, national treatment centres and respite centres. The BUMBLEette is a new service that will be launched in 2017 that is specifically designed for children who are critically ill but who do not need a paramedic or EMT on board.

The BUMBLEette vehicle is a Mercedes Benz 171 B which can carry a driver plus five seated passengers. The BUMBLEette can accommodate the transportation of two sick children in wheelchairs with one caregiver each or a driver, fully operational stretcher and four seated passengers. The BUMBLEette will provide a great distraction to children traveling around Ireland, not only does it have bright and fun interior and exterior décor but it is also fully equipped with a fun filled entertainment system that includes a TV, Xbox, DVD’s, sensory lighting, music, books, games, consoles, Wi-Fi, social media streaming and a PlayStation.

Tony Heffernan, Founder and CEO of BUMBLEance said: ‘The new Donegal and North West BUMBLEette vehicle will be the first in a series of regional BUMBLEettes to be launched in Ireland. Many areas in the North West of Ireland do not have major transportation links suitable for sick children who are required to travel to and from hospital on an ongoing basis, thus BUMBLEance and BUMBLEettes are the only solution for these young patients and their families.’ To read more about the BUMBLEette service, click here.

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