Consider Donating to ICPCN as we Mark 10 Years of #HatsOn4CPC Campaign

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It’s 10 years of #HatsOn4CPC. The 2023 Digital Toolkit  is now available to download on the ICPCN #HatsOn4CPC website page. The #HatsOn4CPC annual campaign will be held on Friday 13th October 2023.

Now in its 10th year, the annual campaign has been used for visibility, awareness, and advocacy for children and young people living with palliative care needs. Our research shows at least 21 million children and young people need palliative care every year. The urgent need is in low and middle-income countries and this number is projected to rise as the population continues to grow in low-income settings.

This year, please consider ‘wearing a hat’ and donating at least £10 on the ICPCN Donation Page as we celebrate 10 years of #HatsOn4CPC. Your donation will help us to achieve our mission: ‘To improve children’s palliative care by achieving the best quality of life for children and young people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, their families, and carers worldwide.’ Your generous contribution will help ICPCN to continue to provide e-learning to thousands of healthcare participants or enable ICPCN to continue to work with the WHO in the development of children’s palliative care globally.

ICPCN is the global umbrella organisation for children’s palliative care and the only organisation working to improve access to palliative care for children worldwide who are suffering needlessly.

We look forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of our #HatsOn4CPC campaign with you, and can’t wait to hear about the exciting plans you have made.

Thank you from everyone at ICPCN for being part of this journey.

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