Duchess of Cambridge comforts grieving mother

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The Smith family welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Beatrice Octavia Iris Smith, a red haired, brown eyed beauty into the world late last year at Norfolk and Norwich University hospital. Mrs Smith and her husband, Toby, were overjoyed with the birth of their first daughter, but their lives changed quickly when baby Beatrice was diagnosed with a very rare condition of the cardiac muscle called, restrictive cardiomyopathy.

Beatrice’s condition was rare and her future looked uncertain, however, the Smith family vowed to create as many happy memories as the could with Beatrice. “We held her and watched and captured timeless photographs and memories in our hearts and minds. The strength she showed to give us those moments was gigantic, given the severity of her condition”, said Mrs Smith.

Beatrice’s condition soon deteriorated and she was admitted at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), were she spent the next few weeks before sadly passing on at 89 day’s old… holding her mom and dad’s hands.

East Anglian Children’s Hospice (EACH) played a huge role in baby Beatrice’s funeral arrangements as well as transporting her body back to their centre to give her parents a precious opportunity to say their goodbyes. Mr and Mrs Smith still regularly attend bereavement support groups at the centre.

Leigh Smith was recently invited by EACH to speak at their fundraising appeal. After an emotional speech, Mrs Smith was embraced by the Duchess of Cambridge, who is the patron of EACH after she was clearly moved by Mrs Smith’s story. “She expressed her sadness at the death of Beatrice and as two mum’s of very similar age I could see that it must have been hard but she seemed to genuinely care which was lovely”, said Mrs Smith. 

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