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Since 2017, Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration and the Hyderabad Centre for Palliative Care have been offering pediatric palliative medicine fellowship training for physicians. The program is now accepting applicants for the 2023 batch, which will begin in January 2023.

This is a 1-year full time fellowship program, consisting of 12 months of structured education and clinical rotations.  The fellowship is endorsed by the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (UK).

The program aims to train physicians to be experts in the clinical practice of pediatric palliative medicine, who will become leaders in the field of palliative care for children in India and across South Asia.

The program provides training in the following areas:

  • Specialist Pediatric Palliative Medicine, including advanced management of symptoms, emergencies and end of life care.
  • Research and Quality Improvement programs related to pediatric palliative care
  • Psychosocial supports for children and families, including specialized communication skills, play therapy, sibling support, legacy and memory making
  • Leadership skills in palliative care, including the integration of pediatric cancer and non-cancer conditions, including ICU and NICU settings; team leadership
  • Ethical and legal challenges in pediatric palliative care
  • Locations of care including hospital, home, hospice and rural and remote settings, through telemedicine and other electronic communication

Candidates with a post-graduate (MD/DCh/DNB Degree) degree are invited to apply. Preference will be given to those whose degree is in Pediatrics.

Important Dates:

Sept 5, 2022-               First day of Submission of Application Forms

Oct 15, 2022 –             Last Day of Submission of Application Forms

Oct 30, 2022-              Request for Interviews will be sent to Candidates

Nov 1-5, 2022             Interviews with Candidates

Nov 15, 2022-             Declaration of results of selected Candidates

Jan 9, 2023                  Course start date:

Jan 5, 2024                  Course completion date

Course Fee (if accepted): $500 USD

Candidates with financial hardship are encouraged to apply for course scholarship (separate application available upon request)

How to Apply:

The application form and course prospectus are available by contacting the Program Coordinator, Ms Vinella Rapelli (

Course Design:

The fellowship is a 1-year full time clinical academic program, with two options:

  1. Virtual Training Program: for candidates from outside of India: fellows will 2 months in Hyderabad, the remainder of the program is conducted through online and clinical experiences in their home country.
  2. Hyderabad-based Program: is for fellows from India. Fellows will spend the full year completing clinical training in Hyderabad. Online training with international faculty is conducted jointly with the virtual training program.

The fellowship includes regular formal teaching sessions with local and international faculty, with an emphasis on evidenced based practice. Fellows will be expected to complete a research or quality improvement project during their fellowship.

There are 5 positions available each year, 3 Virtual and 2 in Hyderabad.


The fellowship incorporates regular clinical assessments, case-based discussions, written reflection, and a final examination.

Selection of Candidates:

The selection will be done by a committee. Since program focusses on developing clinicians who will be future leaders in the field of pediatric palliative medicine, the statement of purpose and interview will be given considerable weight for each applicant. All applicants will be informed by email about whether their application was successful.

Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration (TWCC)

TWCC is a Canadian non-profit foundation that recognizes the need for urgent action to help reduce the burden of cancer in resource limited settings. TWCC supports the Sunflower Pediatric Project which provides palliative care services for children receiving care at MNJ Regional Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology. TWCC partners with Palliative and Pain Relief Society to provide care in hospice, home-care, and services for children in rural areas.

Hyderabad Centre for Palliative Care

This is a regional hub for the state of Telangana, India, and is a leading centre in providing palliative care training for health care professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Other Training Courses offered in Hyderabad include:

  • 6-week Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Medicine (for MBBS doctors).
  • 6-week Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing (for BSc/Diploma holders in nursing).
  • 4-week Advanced Certificate Course in Pediatric Palliative Medicine and Nursing (for doctors and nurses who have previously completed the 6-week course and desire more advanced training in pediatrics).

Further Information:

For further information, please contact Ms. Vineela Rapelli, Program Coordinator-


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