Hats and Masks on for Children’s Palliative Care Day announced

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Each year, the International Children’s Palliative Care Network holds an awareness day for children’s palliative care. The 2021 date – Friday 8th October – has just been announced.


Prof Julia Downing, ICPCN Chief Executive said “With an estimated 21 million children needing palliative care as we speak, our Hats and Masks on For Children’s Palliative Care campaign is a key and, just as importantly, fun way of raising awareness of the inequity of provision of palliative care for children and young people. The aim of ICPCN is to improve the lives of children through communication, advocacy, research, education and strategic development.  With less than 5% of children globally needing palliative care accessing it, ICPCN seeks to close the equity gap, so that all children who need palliative care can access it, no matter what country they live in.”

The launch of the 2021 campaign invites palliative care providers, families and those with lived experience of palliative care needs to put on a hat and mask, hold an awareness event and raise funds. The Event map for the day is now live and a toolkit of resources is in production.

The hashtag #Hatson4CPC will be used to promote the event. You can register your event now and sign up for the ICPCN newsletter where you will be notified when the Toolkit is ready.



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