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Currently there are only 3 children’s palliative care homes (Children’s Hospices) in the United States. At any given moment in the United States, over 565,000 children are within the last six months of their lives. While many hospitals provide high quality hospice and palliative care, 80% of children’s deaths occur in hospitals.

Founded by critical care nurse, Suzanne Gwynn, Ladybug House hopes to be the 4th Children’s Hospice to open its doors in the USA. Ladybug House would provide quality of life and respite from the sometimes sterile and challenging context of traditional settings. Ladybug House will provide support to families during the unimaginable in a home full of life, love and respect.

In an effort to reach actor Robert Downey Jr, who assisted in fund raising over 2 million dollars for the building of Julia’s House Children’s Hospice in Wiltshire, UK, a video has been made which it is hoped will ‘go viral’.

In this video, Julia’s House CEO, Martin Edwards, appeals to the famous ‘Iron Man’ to assist. In the video he appeals to the Hollywood  actor saying, “The profile your brought us prompted an American nurse to ask me to mentor her – Suzanne Gwynne, Founder of Ladybug House, a non-profit caring for kids in Seattle and the north western states.

In a series of fun settings, Martin Edwards says that Seattle is the home to Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon, three multi-million dollar companies who probably make enough money to build the hospice in the time it takes to watch the video.

Edwards ends with the question, “Do you know their founders or CEOs. They take notice of a message from Iron man. If you can, thank you. it would mean another place like Julia’s House, but for American children.”

Watch the video here


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