Hospice staff gather to learn about technology for children with life-limiting conditions

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Their products include Magic Carpet, which is software that projects games onto the floor for children with limited mobility to play, and Eyegaze,  which enables  them to control computers with their eyes. 

Lifelites staff spoke about the role that technology can play in creating memories for families, particularly when a child is receiving end of life care. Attendees were shown how to use simple video editing and music-making software to create memory videos.

As well as hearing from the staff, there were presentations from play specialists from Shooting Star Chase, Claire House and Naomi House & Jacksplace children’s hospices. They all spoke about the ways in which they have integrated Lifelites technology into their work, and the impact it has had on the children.

Vikki German from Shooting Star said:

“I am so passionate about giving children a voice, and the Lifelites equipment helps me to do this. They are able to control something, and seeing the realisation in their faces is amazing. It makes my job so much easier.”

Speaking of the event one delegate said:

“Fantastic  day. So lucky to have such a great charity that makes such a difference to our hospices. Great to share experiences and knowledge with the equipment too.”

Delegates also heard from Mark Hildred, a specialist in music therapy for people with disabilities. He spoke passionately about how staff at the hospice can help children to express themselves through music, and how the technology that Lifelites provides makes music accessible to children with severe disabilities. The charity currently provides equipment like Soundbeam and Beamz, a device which uses lasers to trigger musical instruments and sound effects.

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