ICPCN’s e-learning modules now available in Russian and Serbian

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Following the success of it’s pilot programme, the ICPCN is gradually expanding and developing it’s e-learning programme. 

Different language versions of the courses

ICPCN acknowledges that in order to make the training as accessible as possible it needs to be available in different languages. Courses are now available in Russian and Serbian. Spanish and French versions will be added soon. 

New courses
ICPCN plans to publish 2-3 more courses during 2013 including one on non-pharmacological pain management and one on child development and play.

Low bandwidth versions
Low-bandwidth/resolution versions of the courses are also available and have text only but none of the graphics or interactions of the main course. This is to enable those with a low-bandwidth to access the information without too much difficulty.

The following courses are presently available:

  • Introduction to the e-learning programme and to children’s palliative care (English, Serbian and Russian)
  • Course 1: Pain assessment and management for children: A training course linked to the new WHO guidelines for persisting pain. (English, Serbian and Russian)
  • Course 2: Communicating with children and emotional issues (English)

These courses can be accessed via the ICPCN website.

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