Imagine Christmas without being able to eat

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Lucy Watts, who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a condition which affects a person’s connective tissues as well as Chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction disorder (CIP), has published her latest blog in which she talks about how she is looking forward to sharing Christmas traditions along with her family, and participating as much as she can given her limited mobility and ability to sit up for long periods. 

Lucy starts her latest blog, called “It’s Christmas Time” with the words, “Christmas is a difficult time for many people for many different reasons; for the lonely, the sick, the bereaved. Some with life limiting and terminal illnesses may be celebrating their last Christmas. The bereaved may be facing their first Christmas without their loved one. This festive time is also made more difficult for those of us who are unable to eat. Imagine Christmas with no food; no Christmas dinner, no Christmas pudding, no mince pies, Christmas cake or yule log, no selection tray or chocolate advent calendar. No alcohol, either.”

Lucy, who has been featured on ehospice before, is an extraordinary young lady who faces her many challenges with great courage and determination to rise above them in order to help others. She is wonderfully supported by her mother and other family members and is also the proud owner of Molly, a beautiful Border Collie, who has her own blog, Molly, a dog with a blog.

Lucy’s wish for Christmas is to live and be able to have some quality of life in 2015. She remarks that they have reached the point in the road where nothing more can be done towards improving her health so she needs to be kept away from infection and will only undergo surgery in a life threatening situation as her body does not recover well from surgery anymore.  

Lucy’s impressive list of new year resolutions include:

“…to continue making a difference and to live with some quality of life. There are other things however, including to write my book, to grow my blog (I’d love to reach 100,000 views by this time next year – I’m at 63,000 currently) and update it regularly, to pass Molly’s Level 1 in assistance training with Dog A.I.D., to improve my public speaking, to organise a fundraising event, to continue raising awareness of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and pseudo-obstruction, to continue campaigning to improve the transition period with Together for Short Lives, to continue supporting and raising awareness of the charities that support me and especially to raise awareness of the Pseudo Obstruction Research Trust and to help the charity to grow.” 

Click here to read Lucy’s latest blog, “It’s Christmas Time”

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