Inspiring Nurses Report – Prof Regina Szylit in Brazil

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We are pleased to highlight another person from the recently published report – Palliative Care: Celebrating Nurses Contributions

Prof Regina Szylit in Brazil

Regina Szylit is a Professor and Dean at the University of Sao Paulo, School of Nursing. She is also a founding member and researcher of the Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Research in Lossmand Bereavement (NIPPEL) and member of the International Work Group in Death, Dying and Bereavement (IWG). Her education includes a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Sao Paulo and a Post-Doctoral Program in palliative care at Yale University’s School of Nursing (New Haven, EUA).

In 1995 she played a crucial role in implementing the theme of palliative care for children for undergraduate students in various health areas, opening up the possibility of an early approach to palliative care in the education of nurses, physicians, nutritionists, psychologists and social workers. She has also developed an integrated program and process of education, research, and clinical practice aimed at improving paediatric palliative care, nursing care to families experiencing situations of death and paediatric palliative care in Brazil and Latin America. Regina has led research on paediatric palliative care, family experience, quality of life, and end-of-life communication and decision-making. She currently leads research on suffering, grief, palliative care, and the best ways to help bereaved children and families in rural or urban areas.

In 2015 she was invited by Dr Cassiani – Regional Advisor on Nursing and Allied Health Personnel of the Pan American Health Organisation / World Health Organisation (PAHO / WHO) to create the Latin America network of Palliative Care Nursing (RIENCUPA). The mission of RIENCUPA is to become a fundamental strategy to develop practice, management, research and education in Palliative Care Nursing, from diagnosis to disease development, the end-of-life situation and mourning. Its mission entails contributing to the development of nursing human resources in palliative care in Latin America and the generation of new knowledge, promoting changes in the national and international context. Currently, nurses from 18 countries participate in RIENCUPA. In 2019, she defined the theme of Interpersonal Education and Collaborative Practices as a priority in the palliative care area and since then has intensely devoted herself so that this approach may contribute to the quality of palliative care in the different regions of the country.

“Palliative care nurses are the lynch pin for preventing and

relieving pain and suffering, sharing expert care and kindness to

improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families

at a time of crisis in the face of this devastating disease”.


(Dr Julie Torode, Director, Special Projects, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC))


On International Nurse Day this year Prof Szylit made a short film for the ICPCN and WHPCA to celebrate.




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