Jack’s Story

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Jack and Liam Robinson were regular and healthy four year old twins when they started school in September 2013. All of this changed in January when the boys’ mother, Marie, received a phone call from the school to come and collect Jack. The following day Jack couldn’t move and struggled to breath. Jack was rushed to hospital, were he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“When the doctors told us there was little they could do for Jack, we spent time at Naomi House, a local children’s hospice. At that point, I had hit rock bottom and I needed someone to talk to. The thought that my child was going to die was too much,” recalls Marie. Naomi House contacted Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and within a few hours, Dawn, a family support worker had called to arrange her first visit. Over the next 7 weeks Dawn became an integral part of the family.

Dawn visited the family two to three times a week, where she initially would play with Liam, giving Marie and her husband much needed respite. Dawn also helped Liam create a beautiful memory box that would remind him of his brother after his passing. “I was in hospital for seven weeks with Jack and in that time, Danielle, my 22 year old daughter, took on the role of mum in the house. When I came home, it did cause some upset as I tried to step back into my role as mum. Dawn acted as a mediator and helped us bridge the gap. Having someone else around us thinking ‘like a mum’ helped take some of the pressure off me as I was worried about how my other kids were dealing with Jack’s diagnosis,” said Marie.

Jack passed away just after midnight on April 1. Marie called Dawn and she came over and spent the day with the family. A year after Jack’s passing Marie is grateful for Dawn and Rainbow Trust and the constant support they have provided even after Jack’s passing. Marie said, “we know it’s not going to be easy but we feel strong enough that we can now look forward. Jack will always be with us in Liam but I’m just so glad and grateful to have had someone here for all of us. Thank you Dawn and thank you Rainbow Trust. I know they will be there for us if ever we need them.” To read this full article, click here.

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