Little Harrison spends Christmas with his family

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Kirsty and Cameron Walker welcomed their baby boy, Harrison Walker, into the world 2 months premature and with a very rare condition that had no medical name. Harrison spent his first year of life in hospital, where he received 24 hour care, he was not able to feed properly and relied on ventilators to keep his airways open.

As Christmas approached, baby Harrison developed an infection. “Harrison is too ill to come home and we were facing spending Christmas day in hospital until we were referred to CHAS,” said Kirsty, Harrison’s mother. The Children’s Hospice Association of Scotland (CHAS) is the only organisation that provides hospice services for children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. CHAS runs two hospices, namely, Robin House and Rachel House where Harrison spent his Christmas. “Rachel House were amazing because Harrison almost had to be quarantined because he had an infection, so they set up his bedroom with a living room bit added on. We had our own sitting room so we could spend Christmas as a family. Last Christmas Harrison was in hospital so this was our first proper family Christmas together,” said Kirsty.

The Walkers expressed huge thanks to CHAS and Rachel House, “we are so grateful to all the staff at the hospital but going to CHAS gives us a chance to make special memories with our son.” To read the full story, click here.


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