New ‘Palliative Care Voices’ website launched: elevating the voice of direct stakeholders

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Palliative Care Voices, an international network of people with lived experience of palliative care, has launched a new website. The site is dedicated to elevating the voices of people with lived experience of palliative care, and includes key information about patient involvement in all aspects of their care.


The website describes the purpose of Palliative Care Voices which exits to elevate the voice of direct stakeholders (people with lived experience of palliative care) to allow them to be heard and to be involved in advocacy on the global stage, as well as at a national, regional and local level.

It explains that the network will collect and share advocacy materials including quote, stories and videos for work and campaigns, sharing stories at events, in the media and online, matching them with opportunities such as speaking engagements or media work asking for their advice on and input into materials and inovlving them in their Palliative Care Talks series.


The network, founded by Lucy Watts, MBE, with support from the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance (WHPCA) and founding member Huyaam Samuels, had 74 members from 12 countries as of December 2018 with plans to grow to over 100 members by the middle of this year. The group is aimed at patients, carers and family members rather than professionals.

The network is based out of a closed Facebook Group which provides a free and accessible platform, also has a public Facebook page, a Twitter Account @PallCareVoices and a YouTube channel for people to keep up to date with the projects they are working on.

Learn more about the network and how you can become involved on their new website at

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