Palliative care is a human right – Lucy Watts MBE speaks from personal experience

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In this video, Lucy draws on her own experience to illustrate the need to realise the right of everyone to quality palliative care as part of the Right to Health.

She says: “If it is my right to palliative care in the UK, why is it not the right of everyone around the globe suffering with a life limiting or life threatening illness to have access to palliative care too? Why should location, religion, race, class or condition prevent people from accessing palliative care services?

“Many countries don’t have access to palliative care services at all, which is shocking. Many more don’t have access to painkilling medications such as morphine. How can this be in the 21st century!? It’s hard enough for adults, let alone for children needing palliative care. Most countries don’t have any provision for children’s palliative care, nor the pain relief in children’s formulations. These children are living and dying in pain unnecessarily.”

This video is a powerful statement from a first-person perspective, and could be used as part of a workshop programme, or for direct advocacy.

The video is available to view on Youtube, and is free to share as an educational resource for anyone interested in palliative care and human rights.

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