Royals advocating for children’s palliative care – Linges’ story

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Linges, who is 16 years old and lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, wants to be a fashion designer. Her dream came true when she got to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they paid a visit to Hospis Malaysia in 2012. Linge has a life limiting condition and is helpedto cope with her conditions by the compassionate people at this special hospice.

This lnewly released “Little Stars” short film looks at the important role that high profile advocates have in creating awareness and furthering the development of paediatric palliative care. It also interviews Linges, who felt that she was very ‘lucky’ to have met Prince William.

“Just the sheer fact that someone as high profile as HRH Raja Zarith or HRH The Duchess of Cambridge are both serious and passionate about this movement automatically makes it a subject worth discussing,” says Gail Featherstone, wife of the Former British High Commissioner to Malaysia.

“Paediatric Palliative Care is a very important aspect of care for the community, here we find that many people are not aware that children do get ill, they do get life threatening, life limiting diseases, they do suffer and they do need care,” explains Dr Ednin Hamzah CEO/Medical Director Hospis Malaysia, in the film.

To close this gap, advocating for Paediatric Palliative Care is critically important. Hospis Malaysia arranged for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to meet the children in the care of Hospis Malaysia as part of their Royal visit in 2012. Speaking during the visit, the Duchess of Cambridge had this to say:

“William and I are hugely excited to be in Malaysia—this, our first-ever visit—and are absolutely delighted to have been invited to join you all here,” Kate said as she stood at a podium at Hospis Malaysia. It is so exciting to learn about the countries first ever paediatric palliative care programme.” 

HRH Raja Zarith of Johor is also an advocate of Palliative Care and was encouraged to come forward in speaking about the paeditric palliative care programme. “I find it very fulfilling, its nice to see that you can make a difference,” she said.

The Malaysian State of Johor has benefited greatly from the royal involvement in advocating for the implementation of children’s palliative care.

The video features the following people:

Dr Ednin Hamzah, CEO/Medical Director Hospis Malaysia
HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah Idris
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Gail Featherstone, wife of the Former British High Commissioner to Malaysia
Linges Warry, Palliative Care Recipient
Dr Geok Lan Kuan, Senior Consultant Paeditrician, Malacca Hospital

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