Support during the bereavement period for families

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Courtesy of The Rocking Horse Project

These past three months (July – September) have seen the RHP walk alongside a few families that lost dear children. Each family is different, some needing more follow up’s while others find much support and care within their family units. When working with people, it’s definitely not a copy paste scenario. Care is very much unique to each, maybe some more similar than others. Some we are in contact for a short period while others longer.

We had a teenage boy who RHP assisted with for two years until he passed away mid-2020. RHP developed a good relationship with his mother and to this day, she sends the team greetings and chats to us regularly. Many times she comments on how valuable RHP, the local clinic staff and Hope House (where the child passed away) were during the time we had him referred to us. This year we asked how RHP impacted the care for her child. A few notes from the paragraph she sent us:

If it weren’t for the RHP, I honestly don’t know where I would have turned to when my son was very ill. My son was very sick when RHP and others took care of him. They sheltered him in a healthy space and gave him the best treatment. I could see the joy in his face when he received a new toy from the RHP. There was never a time we lacked transport money to see the doctor. When we needed counseling, they quickly assisted me. RHP went overboard for my son and me. The personal checkups were endless. RHP was the best for me, I pray that their generosity and good work doesn’t end with me but reaches other kids in need.

Let us never tire of doing what is good and touching the lives of people around us.

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