The BUMBLEance – Donegal’s unique children’s ambulance

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Tony and Mary Hefferman, parents to beautiful Saoirse and Liam, where confronted with every parent’s worst nightmare in September 2009. Their 4 year old daughter, Saorise, was diagnosed with Battens disease, a rare and life-threatening neurological condition, just six months later Liam was diagnosed with the same disorder. It was a difficult time for the family as they had to transport both of their children to and from regular hospitals visits. Both parents recall the “stress that travelling from rural Ireland to treatment centres”, caused on their children. Both Saoirse and Liam passed away at the tender age of five. Saoirse in January 2011 followed by her brother in May 2014.

The BUMBLEance was set up by Tony and Mary in memory of their late children and to ensure that no other parents would go through the stress of transporting a sick child to and from hospital. The children’s ambulance service is particularly important for children and their carers who live far away from treatment centres. Playful interior décor, wifi, iPads, play stations, colouring books, sensory lighting and social media streaming are some of the facilities available on the ambulance, ensuring that the child’s transportation to a treatment centre is safe, comfortable and entertaining. Not only is the BUMBLEance  fitted with state of the art entertainment facilities but it also provides the highest standards in medical care. It is a door to door service with an on board professional Medical Team including a Paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician. The services offered by the BUMBLEance include medical equipment transportation, medication distribution, patient monitoring and support.

Sophie Hegarty, a Donegal local, who has made use of the BUMBLEance had the following to say about the value of the service to her family, “BUMBLEance provides such an amazing service for terminally ill children. The staff at BUMBLEance have been more than helpful and accommodating to my little sister and her needs this past few years and for that my family and I are very grateful. Seeing this service help so many sick children and their families is truly amazing.” The BUMBLEance is part of The Saoirse Foundation, set up by Tony and Mary in memory of their children. Click here, to read the full article.

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