The International Children’s Palliative Care Network launches a new e-learning course: Adopting a CPC approach to the COVID -19 Pandemic.

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In keeping with one of the ICPCN’s strategic goals: to provide high-quality Children’s Palliative Care (CPC) education which meets an identified global need and thus improves care given to children and their families, the organisation has launched a new e-learning course. The short course, entitled ‘Adopting a CPC approach to the COVID -19 Pandemic’ sets out to equip health care practitioners, community workers, parents and families with skills and knowledge to provide holistic care to children and their families at a particularly challenging time globally. This is the ninth short course available on the ICPCN e-learning platform and is freely available at

The newly launched course, presented in four modules, broadly explores the core principles of CPC, assessment and management of distressing symptoms, aspects of communicating with children, infection prevention control in relation to children and emphasises the importance of caring for the caregiver.  The first module expands on the fundamentals of CPC and includes a brief section on human rights and legal considerations for the provision of CPC within the context of COVID-19.  Module two promotes a CPC approach to managing COVID-19 related symptoms during the terminal phase. Module three explores principles and techniques for facilitating communication with children, taking their developmental understanding into account, and provides help with breaking bad news and mitigating the impact of physical distancing, tackles social stigma and discrimination and concludes with a brief section on supporting spiritual development in children.  The final module includes ways of making infection control measures more child friendly and recognises the impact of the pandemic on the caregiver, promoting self-care as a priority.

By the end of the course participants should have a good understanding of and approach to:

  • The core principles of CPC.
  • Assessing and managing distressing symptoms – including terminal care.
  • Supporting children and families – including the general principles of communication, psycho-social, spiritual care and mental well-being.
  • Utilising appropriate infection prevention and control measures when caring for children.
  • Identifying pandemic specific stressors and be familiar with a range of tools to support self-care practice.

The course was developed by Alex Daniels and Prof Julia Downing, both ICPCN staff members, with appreciation for nine CPC experts representing seven countries who took time to review course material and provide invaluable feedback including Ana Lacerda, Lizzie Chambers, Gayatri Palat, Julia Ambler, Katrina Mcnamara-Goodger, Regina Okhuysen-Cawley, Tracey Brand, Meggi Schuiling-Otten and Rut Kiman.

Please note ICPCN offer a range of CPC short courses in 12 languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Serbian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Czech, Dutch, Vietnamese, Malay and Farsi.  Topics include:

Introduction to CPC, Pain assessment and management in children, Communication and emotional issues, Childhood development and play, End of life care in children, Grief and Bereavement,  Perinatal Palliative Care and Symptoms other than pain.

For more information, please contact Alex Daniels –

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