Ugandan doctor awarded Ph.D. Research Fellowship on paediatric palliative care

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Dorothy Olet, a medical doctor from Uganda, has this year been awarded a Ph.D. research fellowship focused on paediatric palliative care, in the context of the EOLinPLACE Project – “Choice of where we die”.  This is a project the ICPCN is very pleased to be working with, as a member of the advisory group.

Dorothy is based in Uganda, where she has worked in palliative care for 15 years, taking care of both children and adults with palliative care needs. She has also been involved in palliative care training, education and research. Her PhD is looking at the diversity of end-of-life care pathways for children.

“I am very excited to be part of the End of Life in Place (EOLinPLACE) Project, whose Principal investigator is Barbara Gomes. We are delighted to be working with Julia Downing from ICPCN, who is advising on the paediatric research component. In my PhD, I will focus on understanding the diversity of end of life are pathways among children with life threatening conditions internationally, undesired transitions in the children’s care pathways and place of death. I’ll be using mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) to explore the nuances and commonalities in the experiences of children with life threatening conditions and of their families. We hope this research will make an everlasting contribution to the evidence on paediatric palliative care, helping clinicians to provide better care and researchers to do more studies in the future.”

The EOLinPLACE project aims to create a solid base for a pioneering international classification tool on dying places, which will enable mapping the preferred and actual places of death. The project is conducted in four countries: Portugal, Netherlands, Uganda and USA. The findings will provide new insights into how to care for the dying. It is funded by the European Union, through a European Research Council Starting Grant.

Find out more about the EOLinPLACE project and the team here:


  1. Congs Dr.Dorothy!You were my good lecturer and supervisor when i was doing my post graduate course in palliative care at IHPA and clinical practice at UCI in 2018

  2. Diana Basirika

    Congratulations Dr. Dorothy. Your work is much needed as we advocate for best practices in Children’s Palliative Care.

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