When a twin dies

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“When our boys were just 35 days old we made the hardest decision of our lives: to take our second born son off of life support and let him pass away peacefully in our arms. Walking out the only thing I could think was, ‘One of our twins has just died. Now what?’”

Megan and Willie Skaggs, writing for Still Standing Magazine, a digital magazine supporting parents who have experienced child loss and infertility, have co-written this article which describes how they have experienced and continue to deal with the loss of one of their twin sons.

Five years on, the couple still mourn the loss of their son MJ, born with a severe birth defect, called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). Willie Skaggs describes the moment he held his 35 day old son after making the difficult decision to have the life support machines turned off while trying to be strong because ‘men do not cry or show emotions’. 

The couple give an honest account of the pain felt when packing away the second set of clothing and baby equipment and the blur of memories they still have from that difficult and emotional time. They describe their healing as an everyday struggle amidst their search to find joy again in order to give their surviving son the love and happiness he deserves.

The blessing is their surviving son, Will, and the curse is the knowledge that he should be another little boy growing up alongside him.

Read the article at http://stillstandingmag.com/2014/05/one-twins-died-now/

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