Why should children suffer? 2nd Little Stars video released today

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The 2nd of the LIttle Stars video has been released today and over the coming year a new short film will be released every 2 weeks.

This video features well known faces in the world of palliative care for children such as Sister Frances Dominca, Brabara Gelb. Dr Rasha Al Hamad, Dr John Collins, Dr Stephen Liben, Dr Anna Gohcakova, Dr Lee Ai Chong, Joan Marston, Dr Pradnya Talawadelear, Dr Rut Kiman and Silvia Lefebrvre D’Ovidio.

Children are particularly at risk of inadequate pain management due to age related factors, limited access to essential medicines and misconceptions about how to effectively treat their pain. These vulnerable children and families are suffering. They are largely invisible. But for those who are receiving care, the results are extraordinary.

“In all parts of the world, tragically, there are children who are going to have short lives and in many parts of the world those children are going to die in pain and with other distressing symptoms,” says Sister Frances Dominica in the video.

Barbara Gelb, Executive Director of Together for Short Lives says, “Governments all around the world should wake up and recognise the needs of these children.”

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