2nd International Seminar of the European Palliative care Research Centre and the EAPC Research Network

Categories: Education.

The mix of clinicians and researchers, from across Europe and beyond, all had a common interest- the conduct of robust palliative care research to increase access to quality palliative care. This annual seminar offers a unique opportunity to hear about ongoing and completed studies, to network, and to generate ideas and partnerships for new research. Although all speakers are invited, anyone who is interested in attending can register to attend.

The seminars are a chance to hear and meet researchers from prestigious academic and clinical sites at the forefront of palliative care research. 

The size of the meeting made it easy to network and discuss ongoing work, and to learn from others in the field. The single track of presentations, discussions and round table dialogue addressed key issues facing policy makers, clinicians and researchers. 

On day one the presenters described both existing and new evidence of the circumstances and context of death and dying (with a specific session on place of death) and on symptom management. 

Day 2 focused on outcome measures/quality indicators, delivery and evaluation of services, and on social inequalities/underserved groups. 

The presentations can be downloaded from http://pallres.org/

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