A step in the right direction for palliative care but more evidence is needed

Categories: Care.

In the editorial, the authors mention this year’s landmarks in palliative care advocacy: the joint WPCA/WHO publication: ‘Global Atlas of Palliative Care at the End of Life’ and the World Health Assembly resolution: ‘Strengthening of palliative care as a component of comprehensive care throughout the life course’, saying that this is “a pivotal moment for palliative care development.”

They note that, although these two events mark significant advances in the efforts to ensure that good palliative care is available to everyone who needs it, palliative care advocates and researchers need to work together to provide “the arguments and evidence that make it impossible for governments not to act.”

The authors call on civil society, particularly national palliative care organisations, to “analyse the (WHA) resolution in relation to the situation in their respective countries and hold their governments to account.”

Download the full text of the article from the WPCA website.

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