Advocacy and drug policy

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The International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) is a global network of more than one hundred organisations and professional networks which promote objective and open debate about drug policy issues and a more humane and effective policy at a national and international level.

IDPC’s vision is that international and national drug policies and programmes are grounded in the principles of human rights, social inclusion and public health. They should involve policy making processes that are transparent and in which policy makers engage meaningfully with civil society, particularly with affected populations.

Partner members work together to implement the annual IDPC work plan, while network members contribute to the dissemination of its ideas and materials.

In the latest issue of the IAHPC Hospice Palliative Care News Digest, Katherine Pettus, IAHPC representative to IDCP, has written about her work and that of the IDPC and her aim to increase awareness about how restrictive drug policies also affect access to patients in pain and palliative care settings.

Katherine has also been contributing to the IDCP website, writing about the ATOME project, which aims to improve access to opioid medication in Europe, the focus on promoting palliative care as a human right at the recent European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC) World Congress in Prague and the launch of the 2013 World Drug Report in Vienna last month.

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