Celebrating innovation at the UK Charity Awards

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ehospice was recognised as one of the top three organisations in the ‘Healthcare and Medical Research’ category at the UK Charity Awards this year.

The Charity Awards is Civil Society Media’s annual awards programme held to identify, recognise and reward those organisations doing exceptional work in all areas of charitable activity. 

One of the aims of the awards is to celebrate innovation, and the charities nominated reflected that theme. The judging panel for the Charity Awards went through a rigorous process of appraisal, evaluating ehospice against ten ‘Hallmarks of Excellence’

In hospice and palliative care innovation is crucial to success, given the vast need for services and the limited resources available to meet this need.

ehospice innovates by drawing on the latest technology to improve access to information and to address isolation in the field of palliative care globally. For example, palliative care workers in Kenya can now learn from a community-based service in India, and hospice organisatons in Sweden can draw inspiration from fundraising methods used by charities in the UK. 

About ehospice

ehospice is a globally-managed resource that is revolutionising how people access information to do with hospice and palliative care.

Using the latest mobile, app and web technology, ehospice enables hospice and palliative care professionals, volunteers, patients and their families to share their knowledge and experiences and contribute to improving practice.

By logging on to the website, signing up for alerts and downloading the apps, readers can keep up to date with the latest news from all around the world.

ehospice works with a philosophy of engagement, aiming to build a global hospice and palliative care community, so that people are not just passive users, but rather form part of an actively engaged community.

Eleven organisations all over the world have come together to make sure that ehospice represents the news, views and voices of people interested in hospice and palliative care from around the globe.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of different professionals, volunteers and service-users, ehospice shares the knowledge that we have as a collective, removing barriers of access to information. It also addresses problems of isolation by sharing individual stories of people working in or using hospice and palliative care services.

ehospice’s nomination for this award adds to the growing public recognition of the field of hospice and palliative care as a whole.

Get involved

ehospice wouldn’t exist without the thousands of people around the world who are at the forefront of this important work. You can get involved in the ehospice community today by signing up to receive news alerts, or by emailing the editor to submit an article of your own.

Watch the ehospice video explaining how and why we do the innovative work that we do.

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