Comparing palliative care in the UK and Taiwan

Categories: Care.

Dr Ping-Jen Chen, Consultant Geriatrician and Hospice Palliative Medicine Specialist in Palliative Care Center, Chi-Mei Medical Center spent fours months in the UK, primarily working with colleagues at UCL on a systematic review concerning patients with advanced dementia and cancer, and shadowing the investigators to evaluate participants and collect data for the prospective studies.

Dr Chen also visted other key leaders in the field of palliative care research, and spent time with the team at Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead, and the palliative care team at the Royal Free Hospital, London.

The purpose of his placement in the UK was to look at the clinical practice and ethics of palliative care for patients with dementia. Dr Chen said: “The dissemination of palliative care for non-cancer disease is still limited in Taiwan, especially for patients with dementia and renal failure.”

He added: “In my opinion, shifting the paradigm of survival prediction towards care needs as the trigger for supplying palliative care to patients with advanced dementia is a top priority in Taiwan.”

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