Country profiles on noncommunicable diseases published

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The profiles, which update and build on the first set of NDC profiles published in 2011, present information for each country on

  • the number, rates and causes of deaths from NCDs and trends in NCD mortality since 2000
  • the prevalence of selected risk factors
  • information describing current national responses to prevention and control of NCDs.

The report shows that, overall, progress in controlling NCDs like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, has been insufficient and uneven.

It reveals that:

  • 95% of the countries that responded to the most recent survey have a designated Ministry of Health department or unit to tackle NCDs;
  • half the world’s countries have a plan and a budget to address these diseases
  • the number of countries monitoring the main risk factors – such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and harmful use of alcohol – has doubled since 2010.

Although the recently released UN outcomes document from the high level review on NCDs does not specifically mention palliative care, advocates remain positive that opportunities remain to include palliative care in the country-level NCD response.

Individual profiles, and the full report containing all country profiles, can be downloaded from the WHO website.

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