Crowdfunding campaign to fund resources to support bereaved parents

Categories: Community Engagement.

Reconceiving Loss encourages men and women to reflect on and share their experience of grief following pregnancy loss. The site also provides a number of guides and resources to help support those dealing with this kind of loss.

Those behind the site have launched a cowdfunding project in order to raise money to help further develop and promote this resource.

According to the crowdfunding page: “Pregnancy and infant loss impact millions of people every year. The long-term psychological impact is profound and is still not talked about. We are up against a damaging societal taboo with far-reaching implications. Since we launched the archive, we have received submissions from people who suffered loss decades ago. They have carried it with them in silence they have longed to break.”

The crowdsource project aims to raise £10,000 by 17 August. Find out more on the Indiegogo page.

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