Czech Republic: Certified ‘guides to the dying’ to help those at the end of life

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According to the report, the Regional Development Ministry has approved the standards for the new qualification. 

People seeking the certificate will have to learn most of what they need themselves and then be tested by an authorized commissioner before being issued with a certificate.

“We expect hospice employees, medical staff and other people being in contact with the dying to be interested in the new qualification,” Tomáš Kotrlý, an employee of the Ministry, said.

According to the article in the Prague Post, a new profession of consultants to the bereaved appeared a few years ago, and now 51 such consultants are currently offering their services in the country.

Naděžda Špatenková, from Palacký University in Olomouc, north Moravia, said Czechs lack “funeral literacy.”

“The bereaved are confused and they need somebody to guide them towards a dignified farewell. So that they can mourn in a way acceptable to them,” Špatenková, a Czech pioneer in the field, told the paper.

Magda Kümmelová, a consultant for the bereaved, was one of those who worked on the standards for guides to the dying.

“It may seem odd to somebody, but like people with a broken leg automatically go to see a doctor, it is necessary to treat an aching soul,” she told the paper.

Read the full article on the Prague Post website. 

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