Discussing death through theatre- new plays bring difficult conversations into public discourse

Categories: Community Engagement.

The plays are now available for production by hospices and other organisations through the Hospice Foundation of America.

It is intended that the plays will be used individually or in any combination by hospices, churches, medical schools, community groups and other organisations as educational tools and as a vehicle for creating dialogue about end-of-life issues. 

The trilogy comprises:

  • Vesta – an exploration of a family’s struggle with a variety of end of life issues as they come to terms with the illness and death their matriarch Vesta Pierson. The play covers the last five years of her life.   
  • Dusk – Gil Everette has had a heart attack and is now in congestive heart failure. On the eve of his 65th birthday, Gil and his adult children, with a medical social worker on hand, explore Gil’s wishes regarding life-sustaining treatment options. 
  • Holding On ~ Letting Go – looks at a family forced to come to terms with the end of a life, and saying goodbye. Fifty‐one‐year‐old Bobby Alexander and his family confront Bobby’s end stage liver failure. The drama explores the role of hospice care in this situation. 

One‐year licensing agreements for the plays are available through the Hospice Foundation of America.    

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