Dying well: why we all need to have end of life conversations

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Prof Chochnov notes: “Teaching palliative care around the world, I am always struck by how similar people are, wherever they happen to live. In our humanity, we share very common concerns and struggles regarding how to cope with vulnerability and the inevitability of death.”

He compares life to an aeroplane flight, and tells us that, despite the necessity of take-off (which he likens to birth) and the inevitability of the landing (i.e.: death), we as passengers are unwilling to acknowledge this inevitable return, and therefore to make the preparations necessary to ensure a smooth transition. 

He encourages people to discuss end of life wishes with their loved ones, saying: “Do you really think that you are likely to hurt someone you love or care about by saying ‘I want to be able to make good choices for you, so tell me whatever you think I need to know to get it right.’

After all, who doesn’t want a gentle landing, as life itself comes to a complete and final stop.”

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