EAPC delegate interview: Joseph Clark

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Joseph Clark


PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, UK

The working title of my study is: ‘Global palliative care policy: A global social policy perspective.’

Role at the congress:

I’m here as a participant. I’m here to learn as much as possible by attending the different sessions. I’m also looking for participants for my PhD research.

Thoughts on the congress so far:

I’m really enjoying it. It has been a steep learning curve for me to see all the different things that are happening in the field. I’m hoping to attend the different sessions and to take in as much as possible. It is great to see people from so many different backgrounds interacting at the congress.

I would have expected more of a global presence, but as it is a European congress, I am not too surprised.

I hope that in future years I can add this perspective through my own work.

Anyone working in global palliative care policy can help Joseph in his research. Contact him by email joseph.clark@sheffield.ac.uk

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