EAPC participant interview: Fatia Kiyange

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Fatia Kiyange


Social worker. Programmes director at the African Palliative Care Association (APCA)

Role at the congress:

I was there as a participant and I also supported some presentations related to APCA’s work, especially the legal and human rights aspects of palliative care.

Thoughts on the congress:

I think it was a very informative congress. It covered a wide range of important issues, including those issues that have not had a lot of attention in the past.

I’m also impressed that it significantly highlighted legal and human rights issues in palliative care, which of course is the basis for good care.

I think what I liked is the acknowledgement of people who have made a unique contribution to palliative care, such as Dereck Doyle, people who have published very useful material for palliative care around the world. It is worth rewarding people for this kind of work, as this recognition also motivates upcoming professionals, who will be the next generation of workers in palliative care.

The congress was a call to the pioneers to put in the effort to build the new generation of professionals. This is the  only way that we can get this continuity across the generations.

I like the fact that the congress highlighted the importance of collaboration and working together. This is the only way that we will achieve the global goals of palliative care.

Rather than working in silos, we need to work together. We need to recognise each others’ strengths and use this as a springboard to a stronger global movement. 

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