Egypt: An outstanding Josaab nurse

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Josaab Foundation’s mobile hospice team visits terminally ill patients and their families at their homes, and provides free social, psychological, nursing, medical and financial support.

Reham not only offered nursing services, but she also offered immense amounts of social support to patients and their families. Her empathy stems from her own struggle with illness, she had suffered earlier from palpitations, chest pains and recurrent transient syncope attacks.

Josaab’s team recalls how Reham offered one of Josaab’s patients exceptional care and support during the their last days.

Despite of having her own health problems, she volunteered to be present by the patient’s bedside towards the end, and accompanied her with a warm and sincere heart.

Despite not owning a car, Reham insisted on regularly visiting the patient, who resided in an inaccessible remote area.  

She used public transportation, which can be very chaotic sometimes in Cairo. At other times she had her husband, who owns a motorcycle, drive her to the patient’s home.

Nursing support includes fixing cannulas for IV fluids, dressing wounds and bedsores, caring for catheters, caring for Ryle tube and administering recommended injections prescribed for the patient.

Nurses are usually very experienced and are hired part-time by Josaab to be present for the terminally ill patients and families that are in need.

Josaab Foundation would like to thank Reham for her dedication to Josaab’s mission of preserving the patients’ dignity and quality of life till the end.

Find out more about Josaab Foundation on their website.

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