Egypt’s Josaab caregivers… spreading comfort and infinite hope

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Josaab Foundation targets a very specific group of patients that are not only burdened with pain, poverty, loneliness and a lack of psychological support but also may be in denial, desperation, fearful and awaiting death.

Josaab multidisciplinary mobile hospice team is diverse and integrates many professions all with the mission to preserve the quality of life and dignity of terminally ill patients in Egypt.

People may be surprised to know that terminally ill patients can become extremely demanding due to the nature of the illness and their family members suffer and are overloaded.

Both the patients and their families need support and guidance. Caregivers support the patients’ families to learn basic caregiver skills specific to each patient’s condition.

Personal hygiene for patients at their end stage is crucial, that is why dedicated Josaab caregiver support is extremely valuable for the patient and his or her family.

They are qualified trained individuals with experience in caring for terminally ill people through bathing them, changing diapers, cooking for the patients who are able to eat, clipping their nails and caring for their hair.

Caregivers lighten the burden of the family members who can be drained and overwhelmed during that stage. Family members can have some personal time to focus on themselves and their work.

Josaab is currently networking with more institutions to ensure more well trained caregivers are recruited.

Josaab Foundation trains them in palliative care and hospice services. Josaab also holds a meeting every quarter to refresh and update the caregivers with new information, and allows them to share their experiences amongst staff members. 

If you need more information about Josaab Foundation please visit their Facebook page and website.

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