End of life care high on the agenda at World Innovation Summit for Health

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Over the next two days, leaders in healthcare, related fields and other sectors will meet with national decision makers to discuss practical, sustainable and innovative ways to address the massive health challenges faced by the world today.

Palliative care experts are among those invited to take part in these discussions.

The report: ‘Dying Healed: Transforming end of life care through innovation’ has been released ahead of the event.

Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett, executive chair of the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College, London and lead author of the report, said: “World leaders need to pay attention to end of life care. Infectious diseases was the big problem of the last century. The big problem of this century is going to be long-term conditions, in every community, in every country in the world.

“We all die. Inappropriate care at the end of life is unnecessarily expensive. There are some big challenges facing us.”

Sir Thomas emphasised the importance of this report and said that he felt: “Hugely privileged to be chairing a group of the world’s experts in this field.”

Professor Lord Darzi of Denham, Chairman for the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London and Executive Chair of WISH, said: “Innovation plays a pivotal role in addressing global health challenges. If we can make it easier for countries to look after their people in innovative and accessible ways then we will all benefit, regardless of where we live or what kind of lifestyle we have.

“This is not limited to traditional providers of healthcare – the best changes happen when other sectors contribute as well. By bringing together global policy makers, academics, scientists, researchers, NGOs, and business leaders, WISH will stimulate discussion and application of the most practical and innovative ideas that can be implemented around the globe.”

WISH will also launch a Global Innovation Diffusion Study which will assess eight countries in terms of how their systems contribute toward transformative change – whether through innovation in technology, processes or business models.

Follow the WISH summit and watch for the launch of the study, or download the report online.

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