Europe-wide network to bring together people who work with bereaved families

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Every year across Europe approximately 125,000 babies and young people under the age of 20 die, leaving a quarter of a million parents newly bereaved of a child. Around 1 in 25 children (5-18) have been bereaved of a parent or sibling. This means that at this moment there are at least 4 million bereaved school aged children and young people across Europe.

The Family Bereavement Network in Europe (FBNE) aims to bring together organisations, professionals and researchers who deal with bereaved parents and children, with the ultimate aim that all bereaved parents and children should have access to high quality support wherever they live.

To this end, the network will focus is on making a difference through the gathering, exchange and dissemination of information. The three key areas where this is vital are: research, effective practice and intervention, and policy.

Following the launch of the Network, on 26 September the Network is holding a seminar which will give members of the bereavement support community an opportunity to explore issues relating to the family’s experience of loss, either the loss of a child or bereavement experienced by children.

The overall theme of the event is ‘Complications of Bereavement in Parents and Children’.

During the seminar speakers and delegates will explore a wide variety of themes around the concept of family bereavement. The topics presented will invite us to reflect on the nature of the bereavement experience, from national, international and multicultural perspectives.

Spaces are still available for the seminar, which can be booked via Eventbrite.

Further information on the seminar and the Network can be found on the FBNE website at

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