Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes in palliative care in Uruguay

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The purpose of the trip, arranged in collaboration with the British Embassy in Montevideo, was to promote the use of ECHO, Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes, in palliative care.

According to Prof Watson, “ECHO uses online video conferencing to develop knowledge and support networks between professionals who are often working in isolation. In situations where palliative care expertise is limited, ECHO provides an opportunity for multiplication of knowledge and support to enable teams working in more isolated areas to share the benefits of being connected with a wider support network of peers and experienced practitioners.”

Prof Watson also reports on the expansion of palliative care services in Uruguay, led by Dr Gabriela Píriz. He says: “With residents spending time with Dr Piriz over the course of the past seven years she has inspired many other physicians with her passion for palliative care.”

During the visit, Prof Watson and colleagues were able to spend time with palliative care teams at the Marseille Hospital in Montevideo and in the small town of San José. He commented on the “commitment, ‘team togetherness’ and zeal for palliative care” evident in both teams.  

Despite challenges faced by palliative care in Uruguay, Prof Watson noted that “more and more patients with end of life care needs across the country are benefitting from a Uruguayan palliative care approach that is delivered with great skill and great compassion.”

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