FHSSA goes global

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The American organisation FHSSA was formed in 1999 with the aim of supporting Africa’s hospice and palliative care programs, and since then it has brought together more than 80 partners from across the US with hospices in 14 African countries through its Partnership Program.

FHSSA initiates, maintains and sustains active relationships between frontline organisations in Africa and the United States. These relationships provide a clear, practical understanding of the need and the environment in which the work is done.

Together with their African partners, American hospices have learned much about cultural diversity, community bereavement, defining palliative care, health disparities, volunteer engagement, community linkages and other essential aspects of hospice operations in the US. Meaningful partnerships take on limitless forms, linking African hospices not only with US hospice organisations, but also with government and private grant making entities as well as US universities and other organisations who share in FHSSA’s mission. 

For several years, there have been inquires from US hospices hoping to partner with hospice and palliative care organisations in regions of the world outside of Africa.

This demand let FHSSA to question whether it should expand its reach and, following a consultation with NHPCO membership, FHSSA has today announced a new, expanded mission, alongside a new name

Global Partners in Care will continue to build on the proven partnership model that has been successful through FHSSA, expanding its reach based on the increasing need for hospice and palliative care services in other regions of the world.

For further information, visit the organisation’s new website at www.globalpartnersincare.org or email info@globalpartnersincare.org

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