First ever textbook by nurses for nurses on neonatal palliative care launched at Leeds conference

Celebrating the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020, editors Alexandra Mancini, Jayne Price and Tara Kerr-Elliott launched the textbook: Neonatal Palliative Care for Nurses, at Child Bereavement UK’s 10th Neonatal Palliative and End of Life Care Conference on 11 February in Leeds, UK.

The textbook is the first of its kind to offer guidance to healthcare professionals on caring for babies with life limiting conditions.

It provides guidance related to evidence based palliative care for babies with palliative care needs, alongside support for their families.

This unique book is presented in 2 parts.

  • Part 1 ‘Achieving Quality Nursing Practice in Neonatal Palliative Care’, includes a background to Neonatal Palliative Care, self-care, legal and ethical concepts, organ donation, models of care, teamwork, as well as care for the baby and family after death.
  • Part 2 ‘Achieving Quality in Neonatal Palliative Care Internationally’, presents a global snapshot exploring Neonatal Palliative Care in 14 different countries.

The textbook has been written by international and authoritative neonatal palliative care experts and shares experiences of parental involvement throughout the book through case studies and parental quotes.

A panel of neonatal nurses highlight key points for practice at the end of each chapter.

The textbook brings neonatal care and palliative care specialties together from a nursing perspective.

The editors thanked contributors, including Prof Julia Downing, the Chief Executive of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN), saying: “We’d like to thank their vast expertise and belief that nurses together with our Neonatal and Children’s Palliative Care colleagues can make a positive and significant difference for babies and their families’.

Currently, no other textbook exists offering such guidance specifically for nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

You can access the textbook via the publisher’s website here.

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