Geneva dialogue on WHO global coordination mechanism on NCDs

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There were 27 international non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in attendance as well as representatives from over 20 country missions including Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Uruguay, Mexico, South Sudan, Chile, Tunisia, Brazil, Libya, Sri Lanka, Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, US & Australia.

The WHO is in the process of developing this global coordination mechanism as part of the WHO Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020.

The purpose of the proposed global mechanism is to improve coordination of activities, which address functional gaps that are barriers to the prevention and control of NCDs.

During the dialogue, discussion centred on how many resources WHO will devote to NCD issues. Current resources are small considering the size of the problem and that this is WHO’s signature focus in the future. 

The WPCA attended as part of the NCD Alliance, a network of non-governmental organizations aimed at targeting the global NCD epidemic through policy change. 

Dr Stephen Connor, WPCA fellow, attended the dialogue in Geneva as WPCA’s representative. He said: “We are very pleased with the inclusion of palliative care in the WHO NCD Global Action Plan and that there is an indicator for palliative care in the Global Monitoring Framework. It is critical that our voice be heard at the table while specific implementation plans are discussed.”

This consultation will continue and the WHO welcomes input from civil society (i.e.: NGO’s/ charity organizations) and the private sector. Interested parties are encouraged to submit their input as soon as possible and preferably before 2 September 2013.

A second discussion paper will be prepared by 31 October 2013 and the formal meeting with member states to complete the work will be held 11-12 November in Geneva. 

Documents from this informal consultation are available on the WHO website.

A briefing document prepared by the NCD Alliance with talking points on the Terms of Reference is available online

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