Given Time to Say Goodbye – review

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Leutner takes the reader on a journey from the simple happiness of undisturbed family life, through the rollercoaster of emotion that comes with a diagnosis of serious illness and eventually, death – or in this case multiple deaths – in the family.

She bares her soul to us as she faces the illness and death of both her parents, not shying away from a candid appraisal of family dynamics and personal emotions.

Although the story is told mainly from Leutner’s point of view, she includes excerpts from a blog started by her parents and siblings in Holland to keep family and friends updated on the illness of first her father and subsequently, her mother.

This inclusion of other voices brings a reality and genuineness to the text which is refreshing. We hear the point of view of the person experiencing the illness, a voice which is often lost.

The journey of grief and bereavement can be very dark and lonely. Society’s reluctance to talk about death and grief means that we have little idea of what to expect. Dianne Leutner has generously shared her own experience in the hope of demystifying the process and in that I believe she succeeds.

Given Time to Say Goodbye would be a helpful and comforting book to read for anyone who has experienced a bereavement and an important preparatory text for those who have not. 

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