Global palliative care experts support African Pain and Policy Fellows

Categories: Leadership.

As reported by ehospice Africa, the workshop is part of the on-going African Pain Policy Fellowship scheme which aims to offer specialist support and training to 5 Pain Policy Fellows from across Africa.

At the workshop, each of the fellows has a chance to meet their mentor who will, for one year, offer them training, guidance and perhaps most importantly, support, as they look to push for palliative care in their respective countries.

Jim Cleary, the DIrector of the UW Carbone Cancer Center’s Pain and Policy Studies Group commented: “PPSG is honoured to be partnering with APCA to bring about improvements in opioid accessibility in the 5 fellowship countries. We envisage an ongoing collaboration that will not only impact the countries of the fellows but also pain relief and palliative care throughout Africa!”

Read the full article on ehospice Africa, and view a the gallery of photos taken at the workshop.

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